5 Tips on How to Market Your Community Theatre Show

Market Community Theatre


The list of jobs for a Marketing or Publicity person in community theatre can be a very daunting task especially if you’ve never done it before or have little experience.

My journey in publicity has taught me a few things which I want to share with you to help you ease into your theatre marketing role.

One of the things I realized early on is that one marketing ploy may work for one type of play but not for another and you need to keep your promotional material fresh. You cannot use the exact same strategy for each show your community theatre produces.

So let’s look at the 5 marketing tips I have for you today.

  • If you are not using social media – I ask you why not? Social media is your friend and it is an important form of word-of-mouth that promotes your show very well.  Having a presence on your Facebook page is number one, create a Facebook event for each production and share it to your Facebook page. Encourage all in the cast and crew to share it to their own personal timelines or to any other community Facebook pages or groups to get the word out.
  • Keep your website up-to-date by including the poster with your show dates on the home page. And make sure the ticket information page is correct. If you are not selling tickets online through your website – again I ask why not?  Do some research to find a business that can get you set up with selling your tickets online.
  • Reach out to community groups in your area that may have a large group of people interested in a night out and seeing your show. Offer them a discount if purchasing more than 20 or more thickets at a time. Don’t be afraid to step outside your usual ways of promoting your show to find new patrons.
  • Do you have a newsletter? That’s great if you do. If not think about creating a monthly newsletter to keep your fan base updated on your community theatre’s happenings. You can easily circulate it through email. Hopefully you have an email list of patrons to connect with. If not start a MailChimp account and start collecting email addresses of both your cast & crew and your customers.  And also post it to your social media accounts.
  • And finally, do you write a media release to send to your local media? Do you schedule a media photo shoot? Find a really good photographer that understands and can take photos that would be media quality. And schedule a media photo shoot into your production calendar. The best shots are taken on stage with some theatre lights, costumes, makeup & hair. Work with the director on establishing some posed shots for the best scenes without giving it all away. Use the best photos and send them out with your media release so your local papers can use. If you have awesome copy and top notch photos you just might make the front page. And you can’t beat that kind of publicity.

These are just a few tips to help you with your marketing strategy for your community theatre shows. I have a ton of amazing information that I want to share with you so keep my blog in mind as I go through topics that covers just about all areas of running a community theatre.

Leave me a comment if you like this blog or if you have a question. I’d love to help you dramatically grow your audience.

All the World’s a Stage,

Maggie @ Community Theater Training