About Community Theatre Training

Hey, I’m so glad you’re here and you found me.

I’ve got a lot of ideas about community theatre and I’m always thinking of ways to make it better to find easier solutions to the issues and problems small town theatre groups have. We all have common obstacles and I hope that I can bring you answers in an easy informative way to learn these skills.

So, you’re here right now, and something tells me you are full of spirit and ambition, a positive mindset and good ideas.

But maybe you have no theatre training or experience or have anyone in your theatre group to train you on your specific task or position.

Maybe you need help understanding how to market your play and attracting new audiences.

Maybe you feel isolated.  Or maybe you have no one to go to for help or understand what you’re trying to do.

No matter where you are with your theatre marketing know-how and journey you know that you want to have a bigger impact.

You want to use your creative juices towards something that matters to you and to your community.

You’re ready to take it to the next level and maybe sell out your shows.

But you just don’t know how to make that a reality.

Trust me, my friend, I’ve totally been there!

I’m Maggie Whitcroft and my passion is theatre!  I’m also obsessed with sharing and teaching community theatre volunteers how to make their passions successful and SELL OUT shows!

So, how did I get here?  Life is a journey and sometimes when we set out on a path that takes us on a winding road, a curve or maybe it feels more like a traffic circle – going around and around not knowing which road to take that will lead to success. Well, success is definitely not attained in a straight line. That’s for sure.

Theatre is my passion. I studied Production Management at theatre school in Toronto and I worked as a stage manager and doing props, sometimes helping with costumes, or publicity and I even had the odd walk-on part in a play. But my journey led me on a different path where I found a career in television news. It was the most amazing experience and I learned so much about media, television interviews, television production, media relations and communications.

Eventually, my path took me on another turn and I moved to a small town where I worked as an event manager which led me to be a newspaper reporter/photographer for our local community paper.

Now, this is where, when I look back at my journey, I see exactly where my entrepreneurial spirit began.

I decided to completely switch gears and for a while, I took on the role of Realtor and being self-employed I was wearing all the hats for every aspect of running my business. Whoa– huge learning curve there!

And then I became obsessed with marketing, social media and how to attract potential customers to my business.  And while all that was going on I became involved with the volunteer community theatre group in my small town. While working as an Assistant Stage Manager on my first show with them, I noticed that the play wasn’t really well attended and that they could really use my help with marketing and promotions. After all, I had theatre training, media and marketing experience, so I threw my hat into the ring and created my first marketing plan.

And soon after that, our plays started to attract a larger audience and then we started selling out our musicals and ticket sales increased for our plays by 100%.

Crazy, right!

And now, I want to help you dramatically grow your audience, too.

I’ve helped other theatre volunteers create marketing strategies, learn how to use Facebook to get the word out, understand the difference between marketing and promotions, how to do media relations and write press releases, and how to stand out in the community.

If you’re interested, I specialize in topics on how to market your play, stage management, producing, and social media.

I’m first delving into the subject of Theatre Marketing & Promotions and as I grow my resource list I will be adding more topics all to help your community theatre succeed.

And hey, thanks for being here, I truly appreciate it.

Maggie Whitcroft

Maggie Whitcroft