How to Create A Successful Community Theatre Marketing Plan


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Hey, its Maggie at Community Theatre Training. I’m so glad you’re here and you found me. I have a lot of ideas about How to Create a Successful Community Theatre Marketing Plan. I’m always thinking of ways to make theatre marketing better and to find easier solutions to the issues and problems small theatre groups have.

We all have common obstacles and I hope that I can bring you answers in an easy informative way to learn these skills.

So, you’re here right now, and something tells me you are full of spirit and ambition, a positive mindset and good ideas.

Maybe you don’t have theatre training or experience or maybe you don’t have anyone in your theatre group to train you on your specific task or position. Maybe you need help understanding how to market your play and attracting new audiences. Or maybe you feel unsure of where to begin.

No matter where you are with your theatre marketing know-how and the journey you know that you want to have a bigger impact. You want to use your creative juices towards something that matters to you and to your community.

You’re ready to take it to the next level and maybe sell out your shows.

But you just don’t know how to make that a reality.

Trust me, my friend, I’ve totally been there!

My passion is theatre!  I’m also obsessed with sharing and teaching community theatre volunteers how to make their passions successful and SELL OUT shows!

So, here are 5 elements that you can use today that will help you create a successful marketing plan and have that spotlight shine on you.


Start with Goals and Objectives for your play. Limit the number of goals and objectives and the number of words to keep it short and manageable.

Marketing Calendar

Your marketing calendar will consist of everything in your plan, marketing, promotions, editorial, social media, content, etc. One can never have too many calendars or lists – right!!? Once you have your marketing plan laid out you can start inserting it into a calendar. Remember to always start with day 1 which is opening night and work backwards. There is going to be a lot of information in this calendar.

Target Audience

Do you know who your target audience is? Who are your loyal patrons and customers? Do you sell out performances? Do you want to target another audience sector to bring more customers to your theatre? Some of you may be working with community theatre or theatre groups that have been established for many years perhaps even decades. In this case, you likely already have a faithful following who attend all or most of your shows. These avid supporters are your target audience base and spread the good word about your theatre shows to their circle of friends and family.  You may already know who that target audience is and you want to ensure that your play selections and the quality of each production live up to its last one to keep this audience coming back. But if this target audience is not filling up your theatre and you want to sell out then you should find out who that other target audience is.

Promotions  (Free)

There are different types of promotions but for this purpose of theatre usually, promotions is a short-term incentive to encourage someone to purchase tickets to your show. It can also help push the product of your play into a new market. There are several benefits of running a promotional campaign with the main one being that it attracts attention and gives potential customers an incentive to purchase tickets that may not have bought otherwise. It can cause a sense of urgency and a quick response from ticket buyers.

Media Relations & Press Release  

Having a good relationship with your local media is paramount. You need to know that they will take your call, read your press release and help promote your show. Successful press coverage is getting a production that is worth talking about in front of a person that people listen to. Build a relationship with your local media. How do you do that? Well, you may meet them at other local events where you can introduce yourself, or ask to meet them for coffee or lunch to establish that connection. The point is to have conversations with them. Get their take on the local arts scene, what’s happening, what’s exciting. Then, in the future when you call them about your show you are familiar with them and it will be easier to get your media releases noticed.

I hope these 5 elements help you create a successful marketing plan that you can be proud of. I encourage you to start incorporating them to promote your next theatre play.

Want to Learn More

I’m so excited to tell you that my online course is almost ready and will be available for you in January. So keep a watch for my announcements and posts for my upcoming free webinar on How to Market Your Play.

If you’re new to theatre or if you’ve been doing promotions for your theatre’s shows for a while this webinar and course will give you everything you need to run a successful marketing strategy to fill those seats in an easy to learn format.

I’ve designed the course outline with you in mind. The free webinar will touch on some highlights including marketing & promotional plan, strategy, calendar, and goals so you know what, how and when you’re going to promote.

My 4 module course includes one of my favourite topics, Online Marketing. I’ll give some valuable insight into the details of how to run an online marketing campaign focusing on Facebook.  I’ll introduce you to content creation for online and also for the media. And finally how to build solid relationships with your local media and writing a press release.

There is so much I want to share with you. And I can’t wait until we meet in my upcoming webinar in January 2018.

So all you have to do is keep watching for my posts on Facebook so you can sign up for my free webinar to give you lots of valuable tips on How to Market Your Play.

In the meantime you can always reach out to me by leaving a comment here on my blog, sending me a message on Facebook or contacting me through my website.

Until then, I wish you all well.

Break a leg, blow a kiss and take a bow!