Easy Steps to Follow to Create a Successful Community Theatre Promotion 

You put a great amount of effort and thought into promoting your community theatre show and you might be concerned about how many people will see it or that a particular promo will be successful.

There’s a lot to consider but don’t feel overwhelmed. You know I’m all about you not being overwhelmed and taking it step by step because keeping a simple plan is the best.  That is why I created these 7 questions to ask when starting to create your show promotions.  Use it as a guide and follow through each step.

These are the seven questions and I expand on each one below.

  • How will your promo be delivered or released to the public?
  • What is the purpose of the particular promotion?
  • What is the outcome you want to achieve?
  • How will you measure success?
  • How will you brand your promotion?
  • What is the content/images/video/text/to use to create the promotion?
  • What is your timeline?


How will your promo be delivered or released? How are you getting this promotion in front of your audience or potential audience?

You can use social media, your website, online ads or whatever else works for you. Maybe you use Pinterest.  Deciding on the platform first is the best place to start.

What are you promoting exactly? What is the type of promotion you want to create? Are you promoting the play?

Promoting your cast or crew for your audience to get to know them? Promoting the show’s characters to your audience? Once you decide on the purpose of your promotion you then will be able to start the creative process.

What do you want to achieve with this promotion? Is it social media engagement, comments, shares, likes? Get more people to your Facebook page? Create curiosity about your play to your audience?

Clearly define what you want to achieve and what tone you want your audience to take away from this promotion.

How will you measure the success of your promotion?  Your Facebook page or Instagram insights will give you feedback.

Look for engagement, comments, shares, etc. on your posts. Remember to engage back or answer their questions. Success might be measured in awareness or maybe ticket sales.

How will you brand your promotion? It is important when running a promotion whether it is for one day or over several days or weeks you need to create consistency in your branding.

You probably have the overall show branding down but within that, you can brand a particular promotion simply with consistency.

What is the content?  Now that you have the first few things nailed down you can decide on the content. What is the style? What are the images? Do photos need to be taken? Video? Do you need to edit the images/video? What are you writing for the text in your post?

Make sure it is consistent. For example, I have used this as a promotion – Meet the Players: Take photos of the actors in the rehearsal space, then use a platform like Canva and create a template and add your actor photos to it so all your images of the actors for your social media posts are similar.

Using design, style, colour, and font. Even in your copy needs to be consistent. The text you write should be the same format for each post for that particular promotion.  You need to think it all the way through before you can create the content.

What is the timeline?  Is your promotion a one-day thing or does it run over a few days or weeks?

You need to look at your calendar to figure this out. For example, if you are taking actor photos as a way to introduce them to your audience via social media you need to consider how many are in the cast and if it is feasible to do this type of promotion. If you have 8 cast members that is probably do-able but if you have 20 – maybe not.

What is the start date of the promotion and what is the end date?  If you have 8 actors you want to introduce using social media, you don’t have to run it 8 days in a row. You can post every other day. It’s up to you, as long as it’s consistent.



Creating your content all at once can be a good idea and you can schedule it if you are using social media. Or if you prefer you can create it and post each day.

You can see that running a successful promotion can be a lot of work and planning. It can be simple or more robust. It’s up to you.

Answering these questions before you decide on a promotion is a great way to get started and it’s a great cheat sheet. You should keep it handy to refer to every time you start promoting a show.