I just finished my latest marketing plan for the musical Man of La Mancha. The show closed last Sunday and it was a huge marketing and promotional plan – the most ambitious plan I’ve executed yet.

I’m happy to say that the show was a huge success. It ran for 9 performances and we had full houses with some sold out shows, great reviews and the audience loved it!

After I took a few days off for a breather and a break I then moved into my post show plan which is analyzing what worked and what didn’t work and what I learned from it. This is extremely useful information for the next show or musical. I ask myself some questions – what would you do the same, what would you do differently?

And as I began my review I realized that I wanted to share this with you. I wanted to give you the added benefit of knowing what happens after a show closes. Does marketing just stop? And the answer is – no it doesn’t.

Write a Post-show Marketing Report

This is a great opportunity for you to write a report for your community theatre board or to present a brief report at your AGM. Your marketing efforts not only affect ticket sales but also the overall view of your board, theatre members, cast & crew, and your audience has of your community theatre group.

I would even love it if you took it further and wrote your own notes to go along with the report on how you see the production was perceived by your community theatre group, the audience, and the media.

Now, with all that information you can use it to add to your next marketing and promotional plan. This is one way you can grow your audience – dramatically!

Experience gained to expand your plan

As you gain experience and move forward you will find that some things in your plan become basic elements, and some will always be changing and evolving or maybe even some deleted. Once you are comfortable with your marketing planning you will feel that you can add a new element into the mix. And this is where you can take some of your other ideas you would like to implement into the plan and expand on it. Remember not to try to change up your plan too much in one go. You don’t want to be overwhelmed. I always like to keep it simple and easy. Just add into the mix what you feel you can handle.

If you are new to marketing and promotions it will become easier for you every time and you will feel like “you’ve got this” and that is exactly how I want you to feel.

Remember some things will work and some won’t but never feel that you failed at attempting a new idea. Just analyze it, is it a keeper or it didn’t work very well. Don’t think about it any longer – just move on.  Move forward onto bigger and better plans.

Break a leg, blow a kiss and take a bow!