Theatre Promotions Made Easy!


So you’ve got the script and you’ve read it. Great! But now what?

Ideas are likely floating around in your head about how you want to promote your community theatre show but you’re not really sure how to go about it or what to do next.

How do you get the message out that your community theatre company is producing a play or musical?

You know you want to sell tickets, you want to fill those theatre seats with an excited audience but what exactly is the starting point to get the ball rolling?

This blog is all about setting you on the right path to dramatically find and grow your audience and to give you a starting point to ease you into theatre marketing and promotions as easily and simply as possible.

The good news is that although you might feel this is an overwhelming task or a huge learning curve and feeling that you don’t know how to do it right now – I’m here to tell you it’s completely possible.

There is some work to it but I know you can do it because I was in your shoes once and I had to figure it out. So lucky for you because I decided to create a guide to make it easy peasy to learn how to do it specifically if you are a newbie to theatre promotions.

I’ve put together a theatre promotion training that walks you through the 8 weeks leading up to opening night. I’ve titled it the Community Theatre Promo Roadmap and it comes with a schedule template so you can easily see what you will be working on behind the scenes and what you release to the public as your promotions.

So here is the answer to your question ‘I’ve got the script – now what?’

  • Get your free Community Theatre Promo Roadmap and Template.
  • Download the roadmap and the template and read it over.
  • Create your own template based on this one either in excel or google sheets and start a calendar either in google calendars and/or a large desktop calendar. I use both types of calendars.
  • Create your marketing and promotions budget.
  • Work backwards from opening night (that is week 1).

Now you have a head start. There is definitely some work involved but you’ll know exactly what to do 1 week out from opening, 4 weeks out and even 8 weeks before the curtain goes up.

It’s all there for you and it’s designed to make you look like the star of the show.

My passion is theatre! I’m also obsessed with sharing and teaching community theatre volunteers how to make their passions successful and hopefully sell out shows.

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Break a leg, blow a kiss and take a bow!


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